Recommended cheap HDD

  Stowit 16:51 13 Apr 04

Any one any recommendations for brand/retailer for a HDD (120g Maxtors seem good value at present)? Or any 'keep clear' advice?

  Taw® 17:39 13 Apr 04

this may of help click here

  961 17:57 13 Apr 04

Buy a Seagate

If you buy a Seagate plus model you will get a three year guarantee

The difference is only a few pounds

When you think how long you will have it and what troubles a "cheap" one will bring it's not worth saving money when buying a hard disk

  byfordr 18:07 13 Apr 04

I normally go with Maxtor, failing that Western digital. I normally get them from ccl computers as nearly all the hard drives have 3 year warranties (unless I can find it cheaper with a 3 year warranty) click here for prices click here



  Gaz 25 19:56 13 Apr 04

Seagate or Maxtor... No others have given me a rest at night.

  ade.h 22:08 13 Apr 04

On personal experience, I would suggest staying clear of IBM/Hitachi. Mine was very unreliable after a year of use and has since been replaced by a pair of WD Caviars, the OEM versions of which have a 3yr warranty.

  Totally-braindead 22:59 13 Apr 04

I've no personal experience of hard drive failures so the only recommendation I can give is to buy one of the well known makes and get one with a 3 year guarantee. Hope I'm not tempting fate by saying that!

  Stuartli 10:23 14 Apr 04

Gaz 25's advice re IBM is very sound, based on family experience, of two large capacity drives that packed up whilst being used by my son.

IBM's reluctance to replace them took some overcoming - they had been used in a server and IBM claimed that they were not intended for more than a few hours at a time.

Not much use in a server....

I've always had fine service from Western Digital drives (bought a 60GB WD600JB about four months ago with three year warranty), but have also been served well by Samsung and Fuji models over the years.

The problem Fuji had with its drives about two years ago was due to a faulty component from a supplier (around two million of them so a lot of drives were affected).

It put many people off Fujitsu drives - a shame as it is a major world manufacturer and has been for many years.

  byfordr 10:51 14 Apr 04

I will third a stay clear of hitachi, as my works pc hd failed a few weeks back (fairly new as well)
My first hd failure :-(


  Boris {B<) 11:14 14 Apr 04

Excelstor J360 range 60 Gig ATA100 (2MB buffer)

Very reasonably priced (under £40 from - e-Buyer, Simply, Planet Micro)

3 year guarantee, quiet, got a good review in MicroMart and 4-5* with e-Buyer customer reviews.

  Gaz 25 20:43 14 Apr 04

Excelstor is IBM.

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