Recommended budget all-in-one?

  grambax 15:21 20 Aug 09


I'm pretty new to this and have never had a printer but am looking for a budget all-in-one for general home use. I'm unlikely to be a heavy user but I may find I print more than I anticipate now so running costs are a concern. I may print the occasional photo, but I don't need anything spectacular quality wise, just something that I can afford to run without fear that I'll bankrupt my limited budget if I need ink. I've heard some horror stories where printers have become almost disposable as the cost of ink almost matches a new one. Speed shouldn't really be a concern, within reason. Not sure if its standard, but using it as a standalone photocopier would be very useful.

I gather that I should be able to get something quite serviceable under £50 (and even less would be terrific), but I'm keen to balance the quality with the running costs. My understanding is that compatible cartridges or refills etc are fairly straightforward with some brands/models, can be problematic with others, and are out of the question for some. A friend did suggest perhaps an Epson (the SX200), but the Amazon reviews indicate lock-outs on compatibles.

Are my hopes unreasonable?

I'd be very grateful if anyone could suggest a good buy, or offer advice on models or makers to avoid. Or even features that I should take into account.


PS I can't believe this won't have been covered elsewhere but I wasn't getting anywhere with the search facility (probably my not being too used to wording them) so apologies if this is an unnecessarily new thread.

  Pamy 15:28 20 Aug 09

Hp and Epson are resonable. They are fairley easy to refill with ink or cheap compatible ink cart's are avaliable. I would look at places like ASDA and TESCO to purchase from

  tigertop2 15:42 20 Aug 09

Ink usage is important but so is a really well built product that you just feel will run for years.

This morning I took delivery of a Canon Pixma MP540. I have had a Canon Pixma MP610 for some time now and also have HP inkjets too. The Canon Pixma is a good model design and I am sure you will find the MP 540 for a touch under £50 at some of the main suppliers like Ebuyer

  acein1 15:59 20 Aug 09

click here

i have this about 3 months no problems with compatables,its a bit flimsy ,but if handled jently ,i cant see a problem,i actualy paid £29.99,in tesco,so shop around ,you never know

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