Recommend a Laptop ??

  Little Davel 16:46 30 Jan 06

Could anyone recommend a new laptop for my daughter who would like to use it for games (Age of Empires, Civilisation etc) and for homework ? Dixons have a Patriot 3070 for over £300 but I have heard that they are a little ropey ! Any advice on best product and a great price ? Many thanks

  Crash 16:57 30 Jan 06

What kind of budget do you have?

  Little Davel 18:37 30 Jan 06

£300 to £400 but as cheap as possible please !

  ade.h 19:07 30 Jan 06

A £400 laptop *might* play those games, but would certainly not cope with anything a bit more demanding. Onboard chips are not all that great at twice that price, because they simply aren't designed for gaming.

Are you sure that you need a laptop? An ultra-budget desktop for the same kind of money would be a bit more capable.

  ade.h 19:08 30 Jan 06

And would be upgradable of course. A laptop isn't, basically.

  Little Davel 18:47 01 Feb 06

thanks for your views. Any more thoughts are welcomed. What about these barebones systems ?

  Skills 19:29 01 Feb 06

I too would recommend getting a desktop system you'll get alot more for your money. A barebones system is basically a case, PSU, motherboard, CPU and RAM i think. So you would need to get all the other bits n pieces.

If you have a spare monitor about the place you could buy a base unit only.

  ade.h 19:49 01 Feb 06

A barebones build is primarily aimed at people who have some existing parts, but want to upgrade the core spec, which is the most expensive type of upgrade if you were to buy those parts seperately.

A complete base unit is a nice idea, provided you have a monitor. Interface peripherals are quite cheap if you need new ones, but if you need a monitor as well, then buy a complete system.

  Dellman 21:20 03 Feb 06

Have you tried MESH???

  Little Davel 08:42 04 Feb 06

A mate bought a Mesh and vowed never again. The PC arrived bashed about and bits had to be replaced immediately which all took a while and he received poor customer service.

  wee eddie 10:54 04 Feb 06

It's a little hard of you to blame a Carriers faults on the Sender

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