Really, really cheap software?

  onionskin 23:43 25 Dec 09

Dare I buy from click here

Any thoughts?

  Woolwell 23:52 25 Dec 09

I suspect piracy. No address given. CD only and I think that in some cases the originals were on 2 CD's not one.

  beeuuem 00:03 26 Dec 09

"The software is a copy on cd-r/dvd-r, it does not include a box or licence."
You are buying a an umlicenced copy which is suspect to say the least.
If the website is run by a company it falls foul of the regulations which require by law that information is given on the site i.e.:
Company name
Place of registration
Registered number
Registered office address

Even if the seller is not a company, would you really want to buy from someone who gives no 'phone number or address?

  onionskin 00:37 26 Dec 09

Well... I really, really want a copy of Corel PhotoPaint which will work with Vista, I really, really don't want to pay nearly £400 for the full Draw suite to get it.
I'm tempted, it's not as if I've ever had an update from Corel, all I get is advertising. I'm currently using Paint Shop Pro X2, but it's not a patch on PhotoPaint, which does everything I want to do in the way I like to do it.

  ame 01:20 26 Dec 09

Do you really, really, really want advice? I think not. Dodgy website, methinks - can't even spella da engleesh proper.

  BRYNIT 01:52 26 Dec 09

From the FAQ it says the software is a copy on a CD/DVD

I would say that these are pirate copies. Most updates check the serial number is valid if not it prevents the update from installing or will prevents he program from working.

Would I trust this site NO.

On further inspection, I would be wary about that website too actually!

From click here

"Specialty software UK is an established and reputable online software retailer"


848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #1018
Las Vegas, NV 89107

  Input Overload 10:17 26 Dec 09

Anyone got a barge pole they are hard to come by these days.

  Strawballs 11:01 26 Dec 09

If you do get one hang a software piraccy inspector on the end of it.

  onionskin 17:09 26 Dec 09

I didn't know it was available separately, then I noticed it was for Linux.
I'm not averse to buying a pirate copy, I've already paid Corel for version 6, but it won't run on Vista and there's no upgrade offered to buy.
I would still pay for a new copy, if it was available and it was a sensible price.
I worry about downloading a pirate copy - mainly, what would I be downloading along with it, though I suppose the same goes for any pirate copy.

  ame 22:58 26 Dec 09

Sorry, I'm not too familiar with this software, but you have Version 6 of what package? Rather than buy counterfeit software, which is a no-no, if you have a version of Photopaint or the full CorelDRAW graphics suite with Photopaint in it, can't you just run it in Vista compatibility mode for Windows XP or Win 98/95? I have had my fingers burned before buying cheap software (Nero)on ebay and it can crash.

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