Re: Yearly Subscription to PCA Mag

  Expat 1 11:51 21 Jul 07

I am currently living in Spain. and the only way I can get the magazine is when someone is coming back from the UK.

I would like to get the magazine regularly but the problem is that I live in an apartment block and our mail delivery is in what we call "Pigeon Holes" down in the foyer, which are not big enough to take the whole they leave them sticking out which leaves them vulnerable to being lifted. we have had experience of this with the other halfs magazines in the past.

Querie is do they do the mag without DVD or Disc which would make it easier to get the mag deeper in the "Pigion Hole" and less vulnerable to being lifted
Any advice from anyone, particularly living in Spain would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks In Advance Expat 1

  pj123 15:35 21 Jul 07

Can you not get a "Poste Restante" address at your local Post Office. You can then collect it yourself.

  Expat 1 16:51 21 Jul 07

What Is a "Poste Restante"

  pj123 17:08 21 Jul 07

Poste Restante is where you have all your mail delivered to your local Post Office for collection. As opposed to being delivered to your house/flat.

You then have to go regularly (say, once a day) to the Post Office and collect any mail that may be there.

It may not be called Poste Restante in Spain but they should have something similar. Go to your local Post Office and ask.

  Quiet Life 19:22 21 Jul 07

Basically you have to go to the local post office (oficinas de correos) and go to the "mostrador de admisión" and then request you want a post office box (apartado postal ).
Costs about €50 per year so probably a none starter for what you want.

  tom_d 10:06 23 Jul 07

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately there is not a non-disc subscription available.

While I can well understand someone would want to get their hands on PC Advisor, hopefully, should you subscribe, it would not be an issue - the DVD case is quite slim and so should not impact significantly on getting in to the post box.

Kind regards

Subscriptions Manager

  pj123 17:40 23 Jul 07

Quiet Life, Poste Restante is not a Post Office Box. When I was travelling the country (UK) as a Photographer my office would send me fresh film to the nearest Post Office to where I was located as Poste Restante. There was no cost.

  Quiet Life 18:17 23 Jul 07

pj123 May work UK and even Spain on an ad hoc basis but on a permanent basis with what they charge for PO Boxes not likely.

  Expat 1 22:10 23 Jul 07

I will be visiting the UK myself in August, have people coming over in September and October. Will be in UK again Late November into December So thats this years mags sorted out.

Will be taking out a subsciption in the New Year. Might even get the othyer half to pay for it as a Christmas presen !!!!!!!

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