re-negotiating subscripton with BT broadband

  terendak_uk 20:28 13 Apr 04

Interested to know if anyone else has done this. I signed up with BT BB a couple of years ago, paying £30/month( unlimited 512k access). Thinking of changing because similar terms/conditions available elsewhere but....cannot do this "instantly", I think. So rang BT consumer dept and only managed a subs reduction to £27.99 for a year, as a gesture of their "goodwill". Be grateful for comments.

  ajm 21:04 13 Apr 04

For £29.99 you can get BullDog Primetime 2000. This is a 2MB service. More details from

click here

  terendak_uk 21:15 13 Apr 04

checking their ws. Keeps stalling on me tho'.

  ajm 21:36 13 Apr 04

I have been with Bulldog since last summer. Prior to Bulldog, I was with Pipex 512mb which was and still is £23.44.

Have had no problems with Bulldog and the speed of the service.

It would be worth seeing if any PCA forum members are with BullDog and what their experiences are.

  terendak_uk 21:47 13 Apr 04

I'll pay £30 to connect and sign for a year? I assume I'll be able to use my existing alcatel modem? Also,there's a lead time of 10 days?

  keenan 22:21 13 Apr 04

Static IP adress.

2mb all day everyday for £35.49
with a 'one' off charge off £29.99 for migration.

click here

  terendak_uk 22:29 13 Apr 04

But, looks like I can't avoid a downtime( yes, I know.....should've kept my 56K modem).Thanks very much for the illuminations.....BT were "doing me a favour" by reducing to £28 ( sorry, £26.99 lol ). I will get back to them. What is my primary concern is downtime, tho. Any xperiences with this?

  terendak_uk 22:31 13 Apr 04

Too many notes...

  ajm 22:46 13 Apr 04

Since summer last year, there was only a short downtime period of about an hour when BT were doing some work on the exchange. Has been very stable. In fact my machine is on all the time in the morning so i can check my emails from work. I use a remote access software called gotomypc from click here. This enables me to have access to my computer from anywhere there is an internet connection.

terendak_ukk, if you do decide to go with Bulldog or any other ISP, your exisiting ADSL equipment will work. All you may have to do is change username and passwords for Bulldog.

It will speed up the migration process if you obtain a cease date from BT and a CBUK number from them. This will significantly speed up connection to Bulldog by at least 3-5 working days.

Let us know who you decide to go with.

  terendak_uk 23:05 13 Apr 04

will discuss with Bulldog. Still...your email addy isn't Bulldog....??

  byfordr 10:36 14 Apr 04

Ouch! Paying £27.50 inc for my Dads 1 mb connection and £37.50 for a 2mb connection for myself. click here

Have a squint at click here your better to find cheaper than BT, and in most cases as good as if not better service.


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