RDRAM - still being sold

  **nada** 22:35 17 Feb 03

I have read a few of the posts from a while back, and was wondering if anyone knows any further information about RDRAM, and when it might stop being sold. I am humming and harring whether to upgrade my current 256mb of ram to 512mb before it is no longer available to buy. My PC is 1.5Ghz P4, with 256Mb RDRAM (PC800). Maybe I should do the upgrade while it is possible, but it is a bit pricey for the performance gain I'm likely to see.

Also are pentium 4 processors running at 400mhz (socket 423) likely to no longer be sold similarly to RDRAM. Maybe my money would be better spent on a faster processor - but are these going to go down in price (if they are continued to be sold).

  mcullum_DX4Life 22:53 17 Feb 03

click here specialize in high performance ram so they will be the one of the last to sell it. I do think it will be a long time before it beocmes obsolete, you will just see the price goes up as demand dies and less is produced therefore it becomes rare.

  **nada** 23:10 17 Feb 03

They are charging £90 for 256mb (2x128mb) of RAM. Komplett(.co.uk) are selling rambus ram (2x128mb) for just £65 inc.vat and delivery. Maybe I should buy from komplett while the price is comparitively low.

  mcullum_DX4Life 23:18 17 Feb 03

bear in mind that pc-memory-upgrade sell "performance ram" its not your average bog standard stuff, thats why their prices are dearer. Yes you are probably best getting it from komplett whilst its cheap, i can see the price of RDRAM rising :(

  Bailey08787 13:28 18 Feb 03

why is rdram dying out? isn't this the best type of performing memory? why don't manufacturers start building motherboards for it?

  calwyn 14:47 18 Feb 03

There appears to be a revival of rambus ram on the way, and I have already seen pc1000 and pc1200 varieties on sale. presumably there will be some backwards compatibility ? ? ?

  calwyn 14:51 18 Feb 03

Processors are a diferent matter all together, I havn't seen a socket 423 processor @ more than 1.5ghz, I am running the original 1.4ghz myself, and would love to upgrade to 2.8

  **nada** 16:30 18 Feb 03

are there adapters to go from socket 423 to socket 428 - are they expensive

  mcullum_DX4Life 19:41 18 Feb 03

why is rdram dying out? isn't this the best type of performing memory? why don't manufacturers start building motherboards for it?

a few reasons - 1. its very dear. 2 Rambus wont license it to many RAM manufacturers. 3. its way ahead of its time. 4. its extremely hot. 5. the latency on it kills the supposed speed advantage over DDR RAM .... etc the list goes on ;)

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