RAW support in Windows

  ams4127 01 Aug 11

MS has just released a codec pack giving photographers RAW support native to Windows.

Download from this link

  Legolas 01 Aug 11

ams4127 Thanks I have D/L and installed it, better late than never I suppose from MS

  ams4127 01 Aug 11

I haven't used it yet myself but there are reports saying that it may be slow in use.

I'll try it over the next few days when I can find some time.

Let me know how you get on with it.

  ventanas 01 Aug 11

A bit late for me, I purchased the Fast Picture Viewer codec pack a while back.

I don't think Miscrosoft can be blamed for this, it's really up to the camera makers to come up with the codecs, which Nikon for one now refuse to do.

  ventanas 01 Aug 11

It also only supports two of my cameras, both Nikon. My Olympus and Fuji models are not listed.

  Forum Editor 01 Aug 11

Transferred to Consumerwatch from Speakers Corner.

  ams4127 02 Aug 11

Thanks FE. Sorry about that slight brain seizure!!

  woodchip 03 Aug 11

Raw came with my camera CD, I think it was the Fuji but I also have a ADSL Sony Alpha and it may have come with that, but think it was with Fuji

  anchor 06 Aug 11


It is only for 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.


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