Radio Controlled Toys

  johnincrete 07:16 13 Jul 09

Not sure if I am in the right forum!

Want to buy radio controlled toy for my grandson. Good offers in Savastore for cars. Can anyone make a recommendation based on personal experience.

  Diemmess 08:27 13 Jul 09

Can you be more specific?

Huge range of R/C cars possible from the cheapest (and short lived) to the serious and seriously pricey "club competition" cars.

How old is Grandson?

  Snec 11:02 13 Jul 09

I bought a RC helicoptor from an ebay shop seller. This was significantly cheaper (for the same model) than from anywhere else I could find.

I bought it for my grandson.... that's my story anyway.

I suggest you look at the ebay shops for anything RC. There are some good prices to be had there.

  Kevscar1 14:26 13 Jul 09

Personally I would never buy anything from e-bay unless I was prepaed to lose the money. Trying to get refund or exchange from some of their sellers is a nightmare.

  johnincrete 14:43 13 Jul 09

Looking for something as a "starter". Not expensive. Maybe next time we will get a kit to build something bigger.

  oldbeefer2 15:27 13 Jul 09

I'd go for something simple and cheap such as click here from Maplins. If grandson takes to it, then building a kit from (say) Tamiya is great fun (and he'll get to know how it all works). If, on the other hand, he gets bored with it then little cash has been wasted.

  Diemmess 16:17 13 Jul 09

I think oldbeefer2 has it about right.

I was twice asked to repair a grandson's 'cheapo'
The first time, it would go backwards but not forwards.

It was still in the age of transistors to switch the power. The model had two feeble general purpose transistors with a max current of 150ma. It was cured by buying somewhat beefier replacements from Maplin.
The second time there was a major collapse of something else and was declared category C!

The point is that the cheapest toys may have a short working life, but oldbeefer2 has already answered that.

  johnincrete 06:57 14 Jul 09

As ever, question answered in full!
Visiting UK soon & will certainly pay a vist to Maplins

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