"Heaven with 7" or "Wait for 8"

  wee eddie 31 Jul 11

My XP PC will need to be replaced in the next couple of years. Well, I think it's by June 2014 anyway.

What's the general feeling?

  Forum Editor 31 Jul 11

Windows 8 will be heavily weighted in favour of touch-screen technology and cloud computing. You might feel that it's preferable to opt for the tried and tested reliability and performance of Windows 7, which has quite frankly been an outstanding success.

  tigertop2 31 Jul 11

I would suggest stick with W7 for now. It is a very fine Operating System. Few problems and a lot of satisfied customers now. It redressed the disappointment most felt about Vista.

I for one don't want to be a guinea pig for a new concept within W8 whose first offerings may not suit me albeit I am sure MS will eventually make it popular -eventually! If you have a spare PC to explore it you may be rewarded but for a primary PC the time is not yet ripe

  interzone55 31 Jul 11

I've got Win 7 on a laptop & PC, it seems to run flawlessly.

I've had no problems with drivers either, which is always a worry when buying a new PC when you have some older hardware.

Only problem I had was getting my laptop to talk to a HP network laser printer that had no Windows 7 driver, I eventually managed to get it to work with a Vista driver

  xania 01 Aug 11

Looking back at the Windows record, they seem to run alternately good (well at least reasonably so) and awful. I'm still with XP, for the moment, but will be upgrading to Windows 7 once I can get all my hardware sorted. However, given history and what Windows 8 is planned for, I think my next upgrade after that will probably be Windows 9!!

  Menzie 02 Aug 11

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and it has been reliable so far. It feels quick and it is amazing how quickly you warm up to the new features.

I am not sure about Windows 8 since the touch screen features are irrelevant to me. I will hang onto 7 until you can no longer get the latest version of direct x I think and that is only when the games start using it.

Personally I would go with Windows 7.


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