Quick camera question = Canon A630 or the A720IS?

  lisa02 15:41 28 Sep 07

A630IS is £178
A720IS is £199

  lisa02 15:44 28 Sep 07

That's A630 not A630IS.

  GroupFC 18:50 28 Sep 07

Have you got links so that we can compare the specs?

From a quick trawl they would both appear to to 8 megapixel cameras but it would seem that the 630 has 4 x optical zoom wheras the 720 has 6x, so that presumably accounts for the slght price difference.

  Mort105 19:45 28 Sep 07

Have you considered the Panasonic DMC-TZ3? It costs a little more but has a 10X optical zoom. I have this camera and so far been very impressed.

  ^wave^ 23:01 28 Sep 07

i have tha a640 very good camera very pleased with it so i would go with the a630 if you go to camerabox a640 is only £10 more

  lisa02 12:01 29 Sep 07

A720IS wins.

A trip to town today and it is a far superior model, that's what I'll be recommending.

  GroupFC 15:07 29 Sep 07

Just out of interest - in ways is it "far superior" - I find it difficult to imagine that cameras at very similar price points differ a great deal, particularly from the same manufacturer.

I haven't been able to find a site where I can do "side-by-side" comparison and it is quite difficult flicking from one page to the next, so see where the prducts differ!

  GroupFC 15:08 29 Sep 07

Sorry - should read ..."in what ways is...."

  Joe R 15:19 29 Sep 07


I would pick the same camera as yourself, but only for a couple of reasons, one being the higher ratio optical zoom, and the other being the fact that the A630 takes four batteries, compared to the two used by the A720IS.

links to both, A630 click here and A720IS click here

Could I also suggest, a decent battery charger and high quality rechargable batteries.

  Joe R 15:20 29 Sep 07


spot the deliberate error. ) A720IS click here

  Stuartli 17:37 29 Sep 07

One of my offspring has the very similar 710S - it's a superb camera; certainly the 720S (apart from the better zoom and image stabilisation), must take the nod over the other model.

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