Question to the gamer pro (PING)

  BAZZER007 21:03 25 Feb 05

I was told to leave a server because my ping was to high?

  Bleep 21:30 25 Feb 05

Because you were droping too many 'packets' is a high 'ping count', this indicates the quality of your internet connection.

A high packet loss in a ping indicates a high ping = will create lag/slow down in a server , a low packet loss or zero packet = high quality connection a good gaming experience.

  Starfox 22:35 25 Feb 05

So is a low ping count better than a high one?

  BAZZER007 22:46 25 Feb 05

So iv'e obviously got a bad connection high packet loss,is there anything i can do?

  Bleep 23:03 25 Feb 05

In gaming terms a High PING, means a high amount packet loss, so yes a Low PING is better than a low one. Its simply a data stream sent to another IP address with the number of successful packets recieved back from the ping.

No not at all it means nothing just a bad connection that time!! that server could have been anywhere in the world mate everyone gets it.

Just try a ping test click here and monitor if it happens alot and then if it persits call you ISP.

Post you results of that link speed test....

  Bleep 23:13 25 Feb 05

What time of day did this happen? if you can get a network monitor you can see the route that its taking and monitor why you getting such a high ping and possible packet loss.

Again I would'nt panic was more likely a heavy traffic route also what do you have running in the back ground? any P2P check what you have running as they can also result in a High PING.

  BAZZER007 14:27 26 Feb 05

Thanx for the answers Bleep (cheers)

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