Question answered.................but

  _Treb_ 20:50 13 Mar 03

Please allow me this little gripe. I'm fairly new here and I am not a computer wizz. However if I am able to help someone with their problem/question I am more than happy to do so. My gripe is that when a problem/question is resolved, some people either do not bother to end their thread or they end it without letting the rest of us know which advice was used to solve their problem or whether they solved it via another source. I'm sure that some people could find solutions to their questions simply by reading properly resolved threads. Thanks for reading this. Going to post this in Helproom too.Gripe ended.

  watchful 21:09 13 Mar 03

It's a quite acceptable gripe as most of the users here have brought this up regularly. Hope you are not put off by this.
Most helpers like to have the question ticked off and resolved if poss. for the very reasons you mention.

  _Treb_ 14:51 14 Mar 03

Thanks guys for the input, glad I'm not the only one.

  « Ravin » 15:42 14 Mar 03

no i've noticed it in many threads and it can get terribly frustrating but not all people realise this.

i think this is another one of those issues that has to be repeated once in a way and brought to the attention of everyone.

  watchful 16:12 14 Mar 03

You're welcome.

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