Quad-Core/Dual Core

  whatustaring@ 23:18 03 Apr 07

Ok i am by far not the greatest genius when it comes to PC's however does Dual core & Quad core mean that one has TWO processors & the other has FOUR...? if so would they be that much differance in the speed/price for a normal fella like me...?

  TOPCAT® 23:54 03 Apr 07

duel (2) core and quad (4) core processors. The problem at the moment is it's technology that is too far ahead of the software and far more expensive. On the other hand, if you need a CPU that has the ability to encode videos while playing games and downloading stuff simultaneously, then the quad CPU will do it for you. It will also draw more power so the cooling has to be spot on too. TC.

  wee eddie 08:27 04 Apr 07

Unless you buy Software "specifically" designed to work with one or the other, the advantages are minimal.

I am sure that others will disagree!

i think dual core software support is only just starting to come alive, and there are programs to use the dual core chips technology when software isnt supported, but the advantage is minimal if you mainly single task, i find dual core a lot smoother than single core due to the fact that if you are playing a demanding game and you're av decides to scan you dont get that split second pause.
also with dual core i find the only 'bottleneck' can be accessing the harddrive, ie you have 2 logical processors trying to use one hdd, i would imagine a quadcore would add to this problem, having said that im quite new to all this so my 7200 rpm hard drives maybe my problem.
hope this makes sense

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