Programs for A3

  minter 08:22 29 Aug 03

Are there any programs out there that allow printing up to A3 size. All the programs I have seen only allow up to A4.

I would like the ability to go up to A3, mainly for images.

I know there are A3 inkjet printers out there, so there must be programs to go with them.

  -pops- 08:31 29 Aug 03

The ability to print A3 should automatically be obtained when you install an A3 capable printer.

  minter 14:28 29 Aug 03

Crikey, didn't know it was that simple!

  -pops- 14:49 29 Aug 03

It concerned me before I loaded an A3 printer. I thought I would have to do all sorts of adjustments but, all M$ Office programs came up with A3 as an option as did some Serif programs I had installed at that time.

If yours doesn't work like that, come back here.


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