Processor AMD2600/2800/3000

  jimnjo 18:32 08 Oct 03

Can anyone tell me if there is a noticeable difference between, an AMD2600, AMD2800 or an AMD3000 if they all had the same graphics card and RAM.


  I. T. Mastermind 18:40 08 Oct 03

No you probably would NOT notice the difference

  BeForU 18:54 08 Oct 03

if you do alot of gaming benchmarks and have good eyes then you could probably see some sort of difference! it would only be like a couple of extra frames per second or something like that! for normal programs, just probably a couple seconds less loading the higher CPU it is! i currently run a AMD 2800 and got it clocked to 3000 speeds and ive only just noticed a teeny tiny improvement in speed!

  wags 19:47 08 Oct 03

I would suggest probably only noticeable difference is price. Having said that, I went through the same thought process in August this year and, took the "middle way" and bought a system with an AMD 2800, which flies.

  jimnjo 20:07 08 Oct 03

Thought as much.

It seems with all makes of processor, they bring out one with slightly higher specifications but not much difference except in price.

You have helped a lot, thanks


  chrishillcoat 12:34 09 Oct 03

Go for the 2500 - it's the new Barton core which uses faster memory... and it's only £60 + vat!


  jimnjo 15:30 09 Oct 03

Thanks will definitely put it on the list for consideration.

So glad I am not in a hurry to replace my present system, so much to think about before buying new.


  wags 16:23 09 Oct 03

BTW the AMD2800 is also Barton Core...

  jimnjo 09:46 10 Oct 03

OK guys, thanks for the help.
My main query has been answered.


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