Problems with ntl broadband

  xdfbgxdyb2 17:30 05 Jan 03
  xdfbgxdyb2 17:30 05 Jan 03

I have had ntl's 512 Mb BB since August and it has been a disaster - awful web site connection at busy times, but good download speed once connected. Now the service is so slow is is effectively useless. I've had engineers out and long chats with their technical people to make sure the problem wasn't at my end. ntl then admitted last week that contention ratio on my bit of the network was peaking at 350:1, 7 times the nominal 50:1, but that they were not planning to spend the money to fix it. Any ideas on what I should do now (apart from go back to BT)?

  Griff. 18:06 05 Jan 03

Phone them up and say you'll ditch them unless they offer to either fix it or up your connection to 1Mb FREE for the next 6 months.


  Andÿ 19:22 05 Jan 03

??????? If it is a contention ratio problem even if they give him 20Mb free he won't be able to use it :o)


350:1?? It's supposed to be 20:1 max click here

"* Having many users online at the same time will affect download speeds. Whereas ntl:home Broadband Internet guarantees only 20 users can ever use the same portion of the fibre-optic cable at the same time (called a 20:1 contention ratio). ADSL contention ratios can reach 50:1, making maximum data speeds more unlikely."

Please note the "ntl:home Broadband Internet guarantees".

Who told you your connection was peaking at 350:1 ??

I really don't think it is possible that 350 users can be connected to 1 portion of the fibre-optic cable at the same time never mind use it.

NTL guarantees 20:1 max so get back on to them.

  Andÿ 19:26 05 Jan 03


The 20 users are in contention for the fibre optic cable bandwidth and not the user bandwidth that is restricted to 128k, 600k or 1Mb.

  graham 19:37 05 Jan 03

transported on a BT line? If so it goes to a BT exchange anyway.

  Andÿ 19:39 05 Jan 03

No they have their own fibre optic network :o)

  graham 19:43 05 Jan 03

So it's cable, then?

  Andÿ 19:48 05 Jan 03


  accord 20:21 05 Jan 03

i use ntl and it comes down the same cable as my tv. its only the phone service which uses bt copper lines.

  Andÿ 20:42 05 Jan 03

Who told you your connection was peaking at 350:1 ??

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