Problem Buying a Mobile Phone from shop.

  birdface 21:54 11 Dec 08

Hi.I went into a phone shop to buy my wife a mobile phone for Xmas.They were doing a cheap deal for a Nokia 6300 on Vodaphone for £48.00 but the advert said that you had to buy a £10 top up card with it.So went to the counter to purchase it and the assistant said If paying cash I would have to Buy a £20 top up with it.Or if I paid by credit card only £10.So got my credit card out and she said sorry you have to pay £20 by credit card as well.I said then why do you advertise it on the wall for £10 and then charge us £20.She just shrugged her shoulders and said because it was a special deal.Are they allowed to sell it at a different price than advertised.I ended up walking out without purchasing it.

  spuds 22:49 11 Dec 08

Take this up with your local trading standards, especially if the company is clearly advertising a product and deal which they cannot or will not honour.

  birdface 23:11 11 Dec 08

Normally I would do something like that.I did send there head office an e-mail with the details but I am not really expecting an answer.I could have ordered it from the Internet but as they wanted £5.50 for posting it I decided to use the shop in the town center instead.I tried looking it up on the vodaphone network but my Firewall will not let me see the phones.Looks like I will have to get her something else instead.Thanks for taking the time to reply.

  birdface 14:32 12 Dec 08

Hi Spuds.I had to go to KGH this morning and while in Kettering I went into the same phone shop there and there was a little notice on it that there was a £20 top up required.They did not have it in the Corby shop or maybe I just never seen it.So I went into the Vodaphone shop and the same phone in there was £80.So maybe the £48.00 for the phone and £20 top up is a good deal after all.So I will close this now and class it as resolved.Once again thanks for your input.

  birdface 10:44 13 Dec 08

Bit the bullet and went back and got the Phone on Vodaphone.One drawback was they insisted that I used my credit card for recognition purposes they even took the number on the back of it.I told them that this was silly as I was paying cash.If we can't get your card details you can't get the phone was the reply.So gave them the card and it did not work,So they wanted details of one of my other cards.I said no way are you getting anymore details from any other card so they swopped card holders and the new one worked.Am I just getting old and grumpy or does things like that annoy everyone else.

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