Printrit inks

  polo 12:18 17 Nov 06

I've used Prinrite inks on my Epson printers for about 5 years and they've been wonderful and have cost only£1.50 for black and £2.50 colour. I've always bought from postfree next day delivery, but they now don't sell them and say Printrite have gone into liquidation. Sounds odd cos other firms are still selling them but at more than double the price. Can anyone throw light on the siuation here? It's important to me because I print a lot of colour and all my gear has been calibrated to Printrite inks.

  alB 14:18 17 Nov 06

I'm not sure if Printrite have gone or not but I seem to remember a law suit being brought against them by Epson for copyright infringement over the chip technology ...alB

  alB 14:21 17 Nov 06
  polo 16:00 17 Nov 06

Yes I remember that law suit and I bought in a bit of a stock at the time but then found that it only referred to sales in the USA.

  polo 23:48 18 Nov 06

Just to put things right, the heading should of course have been 'Printrite' not Printrit'!

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