Printing onto Cds/Dvds advice please.

  southpaw 20:24 04 Aug 05


I'm looking to buy something that will print onto discs.

Not sure whether to go for a thermal printer or inkjet.

Is it true that Thermal cannot be used on inkjet printable discs (ie the ones with the white coat)

Also how good are the thermals? Can I print logos and my own pictures?

MY main reason for this is to print discs for my band but I'd also use it for my own collection of music, data, dvds etc.

Which do you recommend and what are your experiences.

I have been looking at the TDK thermal printer and the Signature Z1 thermal. Are these any good. I would like to do more than just text but also have a few of the inkjet discs!!

Is the main difference also cost of ink?

  Happy Soul 23:38 04 Aug 05

Both Epson Photo R200 and R300 give excellent results using their disc tray.

The Epson Print CD software, which comes with them, is easy to use.

Printable blank discs are easy to get hold of and reasonably priced.

  LastChip 00:29 05 Aug 05

does indeed give excellent results and moderately priced too.

  southpaw 18:51 05 Aug 05

Thanks guys. Anyone got any experience of Thermal?

  HondaMan 12:03 06 Aug 05

No thermal, but I use a Canon ip8500. First class output

  jakimo 21:35 06 Aug 05

for printings photos on a disc choose one of the inkjet printers recommended above,thermal can only print one colour at a time,and the thermal printable disc is not the same as the inkjet disc

  The Old Mod 07:27 07 Aug 05

My friends and I use the Epson R200, and have had no problems, compatible inks cheap too.

  jack 20:04 07 Aug 05

To get an idea of thermal printers think Polaroid.

That is to say the material comes in a pack which delivers a photographic quality image on a special paper almost inevitably 6x4 with the odd exception of an Olympus model that will do A4
For printing on CD -forget it.

Another way of printingon CD if you cannopt get hold of the printable variety -is to prelable them
good if you have stocks of normal blanks and labels

  Jdoki 12:29 09 Aug 05

If you already have access to a good quality inkjet printer you can buy a pack of normal disk labels, a pack of laminator labels, and a cheap labelling kit. Works well, and nice results. click here

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