Printer for science student

  webdfeet 18:38 07 Apr 08

I read the other post about someone looking for a cheap printer, but I'm looking for something that will print decent documents and isn't just a glorified snapshot producer.
My son is at university, doing physics (but living at home), and his computer is now light-years ahead of our old family one. Various incompatibilites between his machine (WinXP Pro) and ours (Win98) have caused printing problems, hence we've decided he should have his own printer.
It will be for homework and analysis write-ups, but it would also be useful to be able to print out on various media, such as transparencies, thicker card and similar. I'm rather out of touch with what the latest printers are now like. Price: well, say up to £200 perhaps should cover something reasonable? Doesnt have to be multi-function, but will look at anything suitable.
Any ideas welcomed.

  amonra 19:27 07 Apr 08

Samsung lasers for around £50, Have a google for Samsung ML 2510 or 2010, they are all VERY good value and work well.

  webdfeet 07:59 08 Apr 08

Many thanks for the suggestions, amonra....I hoped there might have been one or two more, but that extends my investigation-list nicely.

  100andthirty 10:43 08 Apr 08

if you'd like a quality inkjet, canon Pixma ip4500 is very good - B&W and colour.

about £60

  keef66 12:43 08 Apr 08

I'd second the recommendation for the ip4500.

It will do very good photos, print double sided if required, print onto (printable) CD's / DVD's.

Thick card is probably a no-no, and I thought transparencies were a thing of the past now you can just hook up your pc to a projector.

  Scorpion Bay 23:02 08 Apr 08

Definately go with canon. I have the MP600 and it's a fantastic printer. I mainly use mine for legal work - so usually only paper, but I know it will print on a variety of other things too.

  webdfeet 08:26 10 Apr 08

Many thanks for those suggestions too. I know Canon do decent gear, so will definitely look at those items as well. Incidentally, keef66, transparencies are definitely not a thing of the past, especially if you want to present a talk to a society that doesn't own a data projector. I don't think my son will be doing that at the moment...but the old OHP is still very much in use amongst less "technically-advanced" organisations, and that includes university professors, from what I've heard!

  keef66 09:16 10 Apr 08

I've clearly been spoilt; at work we all have laptops, all the meeting rooms have projectors, and there's a selection of portable ones to take if we're doing a meeting off-site.

I wonder if you can get inkjet printable transparencies then?

  wee eddie 09:21 10 Apr 08

Viking Direct used to sell them. Packs of 25 or 100 if I remember rightly.

  stylehurst 14:20 10 Apr 08

Subject to it being able to do all the things your son wants in terms of printing why not have a look at the Samsung CLP colur laser. It can be obtained for about £100-£120.Have a look at either Novatech or CPc sites.
It also produces acceptable colur photographs

  webdfeet 11:27 13 Apr 08

Thanks for all the feedback. I didnt manage to get logged back in here until this morning, so sorry I'd missed a few posts from the 10th. We sat down over Friday evening and went through the suggestions plus other thoughts, and in the end he picked out a Canon MP610, which I believe is a follow-on from the 600? Well, fingers crossed we've solved the need!

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