Pre-bundled Vista Laptops

  eric_cantona 09:37 23 Jan 07

Hi, I am intending to buy a new laptop within the next few weeks - Does anybody know how soon will retaillers start selling laptops pre-bundled with Windows Vista, as opposed to redemption via a voucher/coupon?

Will it be literally on the 30th of January, or will I have to wait a few weeks?

  Kate B 12:49 23 Jan 07

Why don't you ask the vendors you're interested in buying from? I suspect they will have a more accurate answer than any of us can give you.

  The Brigadier 13:06 23 Jan 07

Up to March 31st all Laptops or PC's sold will get a voucher to redeem with Microsoft for Vista Upgrade. After this day new machines should have Vista installed as standard.

Well thats what Microsoft say!

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