Praise where due: Targus

  100andthirty 12 Feb 12

I bought a Targus backpack last August, suitable for a 17" laptop. Recently a small catch broke and I contacted Targus to see whether I could obtain a replacement strap which was detachable and contained the catch. Targus replied that if I sent them the ID label from the backpack, they would send me a new one. They did and the whole process took less than a week. Superb customer service.

  Forum Editor 13 Feb 12

Thanks for that - the nature of our forum is such that we mostly get to hear about poor customer service. It's always good to hear that there's another side to the coin.

Well done, Targus.

  Terry Brown 13 Feb 12

It is a pity we cannot have a forum where you could post your buying / response experiences from different companies, so we could have a better idea of company policywhen purchasing a product.

I know the 'Which' group does this, but they are more into testing then actual feedback.

Is there a forum available (not necessary here) that does that already?.


  Forum Editor 13 Feb 12

Terry Brown

I understand what you're thinking, but there are enormous difficulties associated with running such a forum so that it presents a balanced picture.

The nature of the business is that people are far more likely to post about a bad experience than a good one. If we assume, for the sake of this discussion, that all suppliers are going to have say, a five percent complaint rate on the number of sales they make it follows that company A, which sells 10,000 widgets a month is likely to have ten times more complaints than company B, which sells 1000 widgets. If both companies have similar levels of post-sales customer service operations it's easy to see that company A is going to end up looking far worse than company B when it comes to making purchase decisions.

In other words, it's extremely difficult, if not impossible to create a level playing field, so consumers can compare like with like.

We've discussed this topic many times throughout the life of the forum, and so far nobody has come up with a workable solution - one that will accurately and fairly reflect the true situation.


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