Postage cost - sending for repair

  pavvel 17:48 04 Apr 06

Who is paying finally for postage?

I'm on warranty period [9th month] of DVD LiteON.
Yestarday it has gone with the wind...

I'm with ebuyer.

Should I involve my self in sending hardvare directly to manufacturer [seems to be abroad] and who'll cover postage then?

That is what they're seying:
"Items Faulty in Warranty Period
If any of your purchases develop a fault, and it's more than 28 calendar days since receipt, then provided your item is within its warranty period, you are entitled to a warranty repair. In some cases, manufacturers provide a specialist full on-site service and/or telephone help facilities for your convenience which we recommend you use in order to correct the fault quickly."

And am I right that i cant claim direct replacment nor refund?

Thank you in advance.

  Jackcoms 18:51 04 Apr 06

"In some cases, manufacturers provide a specialist full on-site service and/or telephone help facilities"

Have you contacted the manufacturer to ask them what you should do?

  spuds 19:10 04 Apr 06

Your contract is with the seller, not the manufacturer. Before going any further, contact the seller for further instructions.

Trading Standards click here

  jack 19:54 04 Apr 06

As with spuds - the seller is fully responsable
during the warranty period - truck no nonsense - they will spin this one out until 12th month and then tell you too late.

  jack 19:56 04 Apr 06

I would also add items such as this are not 'repaired' they are replaced.

  Totally-braindead 20:19 04 Apr 06

Ebuyer are responsible for repair for 12 months after initial purchase as the others have said. I would be insisting they replace the item.

  Stuartli 23:54 04 Apr 06

Whilst the basis of the above advice is true, it is not always the best action to take.

It can often be quicker and less hassle to contact the manufacturer rather than the retailer, who would normally send it back to the manufacturer in any case; that involves more time without the product.

If you buy some makes of washing machines, for example, it's the manufacturer who undertakes any parts and labour warranty work from the time you buy it.

  namtas 08:15 05 Apr 06


"It can often be quicker and less hassle to contact the manufacturer rather than the retailer"

Whilst this may very well be the case, it is bad advice that you are giving, a buyer has absolutely no contract at all with the manufacturer. By taking this action you are removing your right to any claim that you may be able to make under the sale of goods act.

If a item has to go to the manufacturer let the sellar to do it and get a reciept.

  Stuartli 12:35 05 Apr 06

I can assure you that I have contacted manufacturers on numerous occasions and always had an immediate and effective response.

In fact some online retailers advise that you contact the manufacturer to ensure a more rapid outcome...:-)

I realise that this may not be in the original spirit of the legislation, but their advice is giv en for a good reason.

Remember that online operators such as Amazon sell thousands of items weekly - if only a small percentage involved returns for one reason or another it's still a huge number to deal with.

  TonyM 13:09 05 Apr 06

I had a similar problem with an 11 month old DVD writer that was faulty. I returned it to Ebuyer and they refunded me the full amount I paid (+ the return postage) within a couple of days. Because technology had moved on I then bought a much quicker drive at half the price !!

  Stuartli 13:22 05 Apr 06

I had a similar experience with Amazon involving a set of £250 5.1 speakers that went faulty after 18 months (two year warranty).

In this instance they were sent back to Amazon's Milton Keynes returns section. Within a week I was given a full refund, along with the ParcelForce charge of just under £15.

But I would not expect anything less of Amazon - it's taken for granted that good service is the norm.

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