Post Office Deliveries

  denali 19:23 23 Sep 10

Last evening at 11:10pm I placed an order with Amazon. Confirmation e-mail said I would receive the item between 24-27th. At 6:10 this evening my order was delivered by Parcel Force.

Last Friday -17th- my niece, in Worthing, sent me an invitation by first class post. It was delivered today at 12:10.

This is not a critique of the postal service. I would simply like to know how the thing works.

  961 19:39 23 Sep 10

Since we don't know where you live, it's hard to comment on the item from Worthing

However, I do know from much correspondence with the chief exec's office of the Royal Mail that some bits of the country are better served than others

If you want to know which, I suggest you delve into the full particulars of Amazon's delivery service and especially if your post code can receive express service

I know that I can regularly get next day delivery from Cable Universe (in Devon?) here in the Scottish Borders if I order by about 3pm

But stuff that comes via London may take much longer even when marked "time sensitive First Class"

  denali 19:51 23 Sep 10

Sorry. I live in Richmond, Surrey

  961 10:52 24 Sep 10

London post is unpredictable, or so I find

Amazon has considerable clout with the Royal Mail these days and the value of the contract has great importance. As in all things, money talks and you see the difference between one first class letter and one multi million pound contract. Both matter, but one matters more!

  Dragon_Heart 18:44 24 Sep 10

I have got nothing but high praise for any Amazon items delivered via Royal Mail Parcel Post so far.

I opt for the 'free delivery' option if available and normally delivery of 'in stock' items is within a day or so.

  spuds 18:53 24 Sep 10

If you order books from Amazon, you may well find that they are shipped from a warehouse in Fife, Scotland. I usually ask for free delivery and get the items in a couple of days.

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