Portable and rugged, large external drive

  WinstonSnith 15 Nov 12

Hello, I am not looking for just an external / backup drive, this baby will go travelling with me. I want to have a whacking movie library on it and have the confidence to chuck it in my bag, go on the road and know it'll be OK.

Looks like a portable SSD is the safest way forward but 128gb is about the limit of my finances and would say that 500gb would be a minimum. Best I have seen so far is this:


What do you reckon? Or is there a good value SSD out there I have missed (and are they that much safer anyway? or just faster?)


  woodchip 16 Nov 12

Normal drive is no good as they do not like knocks, they are not meant to be thrown about

  Forum Editor 16 Nov 12

I travel with one of these. It passes the US military 'drop' test, which means it will withstand a drop of 1.2 metres onto a hard surface and still work.

I have accidentally knocked it off a table onto a patio, and it once slid from my jacket pocket as I took it off and landed on a wooden floor and it survived both incidents without any problem.

  WinstonSnith 19 Nov 12

Hi both, thanks for the response:

@ Woodchip, what would you recommend then? I was thinking SSD but further research is showing that the major advantage is speed and not security (so not worth the extra premium.

@ The Editor, thanks for that. All the "decent" named drives (WD, Lacie, Buffalo) seem to have the same reviews: 4.5 out of 5 with the vast majority being 5/5 and everyone else saying 1/5 and the drive failed within a short space of time. This said, the buffalo one has over 380 reviews and Lacie only 17. Given it's half the price of the Lacie, I guess it's the winner so far.

But still... is there something that scores 5/5 anywhere?! Must be! :]

This is the USB stick I use fyi:

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Flash-Survivor-CMFSV3-32GB-843591020367-CORSAIR/dp/B0039K178W/ref=sr112?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1353330653&sr=1-12 <---- that's TOUGH!

  WinstonSnith 28 Nov 12

I got the Lacie - seems well built and trustworthy. Will report back in 6 months!


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