Pop up ads and other nasties

  marderk 15:05 28 May 11

For the last two week I have being trying to get rid of pop up ads and other strange happenings.Web picture would appear then disappear. Google Earth 'street view' was acting up as well. I've done security updates and full system scans all to no avail. I've even invested (£19) in a pop blocker 'Stopzilla' and run complete scans and still the problem persisted, but guess what. After "Googling" the symptoms I found tucked away in the Adobe website that there is an issue with Flash player and IE 9 wih a temp workaround. (In IE 9 -Disable Hardware Acceleration) This done and the problem has diappeared. Why is it when two giants of the computer world cannot get their act together we mere mortals have to pay the price? Derek Jones

  birdface 09:17 29 May 11

Although I have not used this one I have read some good reports about it especially removing pop ups.So maybe worth a try.

link text

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