PNY nvidia or SAPPHIRE ati grapphics card ?

  russmini 22:46 30 Apr 05

Yet another question

PNY nVidia G-FORCE FX 5500 128MB



Probably not much difference but anyone use either if so what are your comments please.


  Bleep 22:53 30 Apr 05

PNY nVidia G-FORCE FX 5500 128MB

Is the more powerful card for lowend gaming.

  russmini 20:44 01 May 05

Just to update i bought the...

PNY nVidia G-FORCE FX 5500 128MB

After just one recomendation, but at least i got one.


Not tried it yet properly but will let you know if it is bad.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:53 01 May 05

I've been looking at that via PCWorld's "collect at store" option - less than £40 so I think it seems to be a good option. I am going to rebuild my machine so may well go for it. I don't play games so it will only get the odd DVD to test it out. Let us know what it's like.

  russmini 19:28 22 May 05

Well all seems fine

It does what i wanted it to do anyway, so....


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