Plextor onsite repair

  AndyB123 20:34 08 Aug 04

I have just bought one of Plextor's new 12x DVD writer model PX-712A. The unit appears to run very hot even when just reading DVD's, I have also had problems with the unit playing the background music in Sid Mear's Civillisation game, it has a habit of sticking on a few of the music tracks?.

Contacting Plextor resulted in a message asking me to return the unit to them in Holland?. I was under the impression that the unit comes with a unique on site repair warrenty?. What exactly does 'unique on-site repair' mean, who's site I wonder.


  spuds 21:46 08 Aug 04

Why not email Plextor and find out, or perhaps return the writer from where you purchased it, and ask for a replacement.Personally, I cannot see Plextor sending a service engineer around for something like a dvd writer, cheaper to do a swap-out I would have thought.

Mentioning Holland and a repair, reminds me of a Kodak camera problem that I had. Kodak arranged for DHL to collect, package and deliver the camera to a repair centre in Holland, it was then delivered back to me within 10 days, at no cost to me whatsoever.

Keep the forum posted as to the outcome,it would be nice to see how Plextor responds.

  Totally-braindead 14:40 09 Aug 04

I agree with Spuds, I had an IBM deskstar hard drive making a lot of noise about 2 years ago, contacted IBM, they arranged for pickup and send it to Holland all at no expence to me and sent a brand new replacement which I'm still using. I'd try the vender you got it from for a replacement.

  Smiler 17:08 09 Aug 04

click here
here's the returns procedure.

  AndyB123 20:59 10 Aug 04

Hi all, thanks for the helpful and friendly support. I did send an email to plextor asking about the 'unique on-site repair' facility unfortunately I have yet to have a reply. However they did get in touch and suggest that I return the unit via the returns process. This I am now organising, a small issue arrises however. The point of proof of purchase, since the unit was bought via ebuyer I do not have any proof of purchase in the way of a reciept, none has come from ebuyer.

I shall still send the unit to Plextor and see how they respond.

Many thanks to all who offered words of wisdom and support.


  spuds 22:02 10 Aug 04

When you purchase goods from ebuyer, you open an account. Login to your account, and you will have details of all your purchases. Do a print-out, and that should cover you.

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