Please help I can't find anything suitable!!!!!

  no1ghoul 13:41 29 Nov 04

First thanks for taking the time to read, I am an avid gamer and am often dragged into late late sessions of online fragging in halo or cs ect... but playing these games with the volume turned to an acceptable level for the time of night is really spoiling my fun :(.
The obvious answer I know is headphones but theres A slight problem I am stone cold deaf in my right ear and whilst I have seen A number of one eared headphones particularly at dabs they all seem to be for telephony use only and I wonder if these headphones will give me the full audio my games require or will these "mono" headphones act the same way as if I were to wear sterio headphones and cut off one side, ie only get half the sounds I should?
All help will be much appreciated as my wife will no longer tolerate my late night gaming until I purchase some form of headphones lol.

  vinnyT 14:32 29 Nov 04

I think you would be better off taking a look at the rnid site click here as you are more likely to find someone who has the same/similar prob as you, and has found the solution. There is a forum on the site click here

I'm not saying that nobody will be able to help from pca, just that they will be better able at the rnid.

To keep your missus happy until this is sorted, I 'spose you could get a webcam and sign ;-))

Hope this is some help.

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