please check receipts at Garden Centres

  awest3 16:24 04 Jun 09

I recently went to Webbs and Barnett Hill garden centres in Worcs. At Webbs they had a 3 for £12 offer on their compost for which I was charged full price...on asking I was told 'oh yes they mentioned at this mornings meeting that it wasn't working properly' doh! many just paid and did not check I wonder..At Bennets Hill the lady in front of me bought an hydranga marked down at £12 from £17...she was charged full price until querying it..two internal calls later they agreed that it should have been at the reduced price..I know buyer beware etc...but this seems a little out of order.

  Si_L 18:46 04 Jun 09

How about checking your receipts wherever you go? Its not exclusive to garden centres.

  Arnie 19:12 04 Jun 09

"How about checking your receipts wherever you go? Its not exclusive to garden centres".

Quite true Si_L.

My wife has found a few mistakes made at Asda.
Always in their favour of course.
Naturally these have been corrected when pointed out.


  awest3 19:40 04 Jun 09

fair enough...just that these two within 3 hours caught my attention.

  anchor 11:28 08 Jun 09

When this happened to me at our local Tesco Metro, customer services gave me a full refund, and allowed me to keep the item free of charge.

This appeared to be company policy.

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