Pixel Problem?

  jeffg 21:05 01 Jun 05

I have just bought a Dell 20 inch widescreen monitor. There appears to be a black/grey coloured dot behind the text on the screen which is noticable no matter what the screen colour is and it is directly in the line of sight. Is this a dead pixel? If so, is this legal? Having paid over £400 for the monitor I expected perfection, and Dell are supposed to sell quality products.

  Pesala 21:51 01 Jun 05
  DieSse 22:23 01 Jun 05

"I expected perfection"

The standard for "perfection" in LCD monitors allows for a certain number of "dead" pixels. There is an ISO standard which governs this, and I would be surprised if there is no mention of it at all on Dells website

Look here for instance click here

  Pooke 22:35 01 Jun 05

yes it's legal, and it's not considered a fault til you have several!

  jeffg 00:21 02 Jun 05

The dot looks like it is behind the text/image on the screen. I can see it through the text. If I look down onto the monitor from above it is definately behind what is the outer screen.

  DieSse 01:04 02 Jun 05

Perhaps it's a bit of dirt got inside - try tapping along the top edge, to see if it moves.

  wee eddie 10:39 02 Jun 05

I believe that TFTs have light sources behind the screen.

What you describe sounds like the shadow of a particle of dirt on the light source.

Discuss this with Dell. They should sort it.

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