Pipex Customers Check Your Bill

  garrema 14:19 25 Oct 06

I have recently resolved an overcharging issue with Pipex and after emails & resorting to Faxes I hung on the phone for ~30 mins (multiple lines so not that sad)
Anyhow - if you have recently regraded to a package including phone calls it seems that the finance bods have in some cases apparently not made the link on their sytem between the BB & Phone package. In effect you may be being charged as if you were not buying one of their packages but instead buying two separate products to which full price applies.
The lady on the phone was very helpful and swiftly resolved my issue. They are having a lot of issues I'm told.

  Bandy 16:18 25 Oct 06

A friend who has Pipex Homecall was very recently about to take up a Pipex broadband package including telephone calls only to find that Pipex Homecall and Pipex Broadband are two separate companies.

She sorted it out but it is something to watch out for.

PS In the end Pipex Homecall was cheaper than Pipex Broadband

  Probabilitydrive 20:43 25 Oct 06

I tried to upgrad My Pipex go (£ 24.99) to Pipex Max £ 24.99 by phone, same price I thought, so what the hell.

Spent 20 mins on the phone and got impatient, so I sent customer support an e-mail, requesting change of service/upgrade.

I managed later to get through by phone (10 min wait) and was promised...-no problem, your service will be changed with 72 hours...-

Meanwhile, customer service sent and e-mail detailing (amongst other info)....-your service will be changed in 10 days...you will be charged £1.-- extra per month for paying with your credit card...!!!!

I am left feeling, ..what the Pipex is going on..
My advise is: crossreference information (written/verbal) carefully, doublechecking info given.

Finally, Pipex is in the process of buying at least two competing ISPs and telcos and is in the process of restructuring. Might explain the problems they are having.

  garrema 16:08 27 Oct 06

And so it rumbles on.
Just had a letter yesterday explaining I have the most expensive package because I asked for it.
Tried to ring but the wait system would not accept any more calls on hold.
Its the disjointed responses like this and the flippant sending a copy of the invoice you are able to see on the website that frustrates. One person should handle one issue until its resolved IMO

  richardcockbain 13:43 29 Oct 06
  Mr Beeline 18:04 29 Oct 06

"It can take a few days to get a reply to an email but on the upside they do respond"

You must be one of the lucky ones. They've never replied to any Email I've sent them (been with them a couple of years now). Pipex's Customer Support these days is appalling. Just read the Pipex forum at adslguide and then compare this to a better ISP like Newnet. There are loas of complaints posted on Adslguide's WEB site about billing (and pretty much everything else).

Also (slightly off topic) but... up to 8 mbps on Pipex is a joke with their aggressive traffic shaping / management policy these days.

And "yes" they've screwed my billing up a couple of times now.

Once my current contract is up, I shall be off to a decent ISP.

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