Pioneer DVD Recorder with Hard Drive

  Graham ® 16:31 24 Mar 05

Pioneer DVR-420H. Just received mine from Sound and Vision. Very impressed, will take a while to learn all the tricks contained therein! Not least of which copying VHS!

Check the price (free delivery)

click here

  Graham ® 16:34 24 Mar 05

Just noticed '... copies up to 48 hours faster then real time'. :-)

  Graham ® 18:14 24 Mar 05

It's Made in England, and the Operating Instructions (128 pages) are only in English.

  karmgord 20:09 24 Mar 05

has it a freeveiw tuner or is it bogstandard analogue?

  Graham ® 20:14 24 Mar 05


  accord 07:38 25 Mar 05

what size hard drive does it have?

  Graham ® 08:41 25 Mar 05


  Wilham 10:31 25 Mar 05

Looks attractive offer. Can a separate DVD/HDD like this be used with (say) a 19" TFT monitor as a second TV set-up?

I know viewing + recording would not run different programmes, but is there a greater problem?

  Graham ® 12:54 25 Mar 05

The DVD has Scart, standard audio/video cable output (supplied cable) and S-video output. So if the monitor has any of these inputs, you're cooking.

Correction, the hard drive is 80GB.

  Wilham 13:13 25 Mar 05

Graham ®: Thankyou, and costwise it looks attractive. As a second TV I wonder why I've not read anywhere of such option.

I'll feedback if I proceed, but it will be a week or two. Meanwhile I'd like to read any further thoughts about this DVD/HDD recorder and TFT monitor set-up.

Thanks again. W

  accord 14:21 25 Mar 05

40GB isnt alot for a DVD HDD recorder. Perhaps thats why the price is what it is.

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