Photo,Film and Slide Scanner.

  flycatcher1 10:00 18 Feb 09

My old HP 4570c Scanner has given up the ghost.
Any advice about a replacement would be appreciated - the Epsons look good but I do not want to spend much more than £150 ish.

  Quiet Life 17:30 18 Feb 09

I have had a V200 for about a year and am very pleased with the scan results of photos and transparencies. The replacement V300 has quicker start up and more softwarwe and would be a good buy. The other models in the V range are pretty well professional and more expensive.

  flycatcher1 18:26 18 Feb 09

Thank you for your prompt response Quiet Life.
I am afraid that I was subjected to "Distaff" pressure to complete a Family History Project in short time.
Always looking for a Quiet Life (!) I took the plunge and, after reading a good report, I bought a V4490. I hope that I have made the correct decision - if not I will be the one to blame.

  flycatcher1 22:50 21 Feb 09

Scanner arrived today - Good service Amazon.
Software failed to load on desktop and laptop so contacted Epson (Saturday Afternoon).
Problem not unknown but quick reply by email to provide a fix.
Scanner now up and working and looking good.

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