Phone charger exploded

  Si_L 14:36 17 Jun 09

I bought a charger for my mobile off Ebay, it is a 3rd party charger, not the proper Nokia one, however it is brand new. Within a minute or two of being plugged in, it exploded right at my feet with a big flash of light and a bang, and tripped the fusebox on the house.

Heres the charger afterwards: click here

(I didn't have to take it apart, it blew apart).

I rang up the seller and they are giving me hassle over a refund, stating that it could be any charger that exploded, not necessarily theirs! I was expecting an immediate apology and a refund with no questions asked, seeing as the thing exploded!

  Clapton is God 14:46 17 Jun 09

And your point is??

Don't use eBay?

Don't buy third party models?

Don't be a skinflint by using eBay for third party phone chargers?

  Al94 15:00 17 Jun 09

I had a genuine Nokia one that did the same!

  Si_L 15:02 17 Jun 09

Take whatever point you wanted from it, but I'm now wondering about how I go about getting a refund.

  lotvic 15:33 17 Jun 09

I think complain to Ebay

  OTT_Buzzard 16:31 17 Jun 09

You could try Trading Standards to see if that specific make / model of charger has any known flaws and if it is authorised for sale in the UK.

If nothing else they may be interested to hear about it.

  OTT_Buzzard 16:33 17 Jun 09 the charger CE marked?

  donki 16:43 17 Jun 09

Did u use PayPal? Maybe worth giving them a call and possibly open a dispute, I know they have good customer service.

  Si_L 16:53 17 Jun 09

Yeah it was CE marked. Luckily someone else from the company realised what was going on and refunded me. Case closed.

  Stuartli 17:11 17 Jun 09
  Stuartli 17:11 17 Jun 09

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