Pentium M 725, 745, 755. What's the difference?

  wint 20:39 03 May 05


Does anyone know the difference between the Pentium M 725, 745, 755 (Mobile) processors?

They are available with similar clock speeds although the advert I am reading offers the:
755 with 2 GHz/400MHz FSB
745 with 1.80 GHz/400MHz FSB
725 with 1.60 GHz/400MHz FSB

The price is about 50UKP more for the 745 (than 725) and 150UKP more for the 755 (than 725).

I have looked at the Intel website which, either I don't understand and am missing something or doesn't tell you much. click here
Well, it doesn't tell ME much :-)

Could the difference be overclocking and a different makeup?

The Intel website stresses that just because it has a higher number, a 745 isn't necessarily better than a 725. In this case (as above) the 745 is faster, 1.8Ghz as opposed to 1.6Ghz in the 725.

Would I notice the difference though? Probably not. I would probably see a difference between the 725 (1.6Ghz) and 755 (2Ghz) but I doubt it's worth 150 squid.

Have I answered all my own questions?

Any contributions to my own arguments gratefully received.

Thanks, Wint.

  Dan the Doctus 22:41 03 May 05

Good question, I've had to look it up as well. I think basically a 533MHz front side bus indicates a next-generation Pentium M (Sonoma). These are very nice processors - I've got a 740 1.73GHz.

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  Maverick81 10:26 04 May 05

For the sake of £150 you might as well stick with the 725 (1.6ghz) CPU, all the mobile cpu's from intel are roughly the same so believe me you wont notice much difference. Just make sure you have plenty of RAM and hard drive space as well


  wint 19:24 04 May 05

I had come to the same conclusion.

Have gone for the 725, 512Mb RAM and a 60GB hard drive. Should be enough. It's replacing a Dell Latitude P11 350 with 192MB RAM & a 12GB hard drive so I should see a big difference.

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