PCWorld Pricing

  Diver14 13:21 15 Dec 04

I went to PCWorld the other day to buy a DVI-D cable to link my new TFT monitor to my graphics card. I knew what I wanted, a Belkin cable that I’d seen on various websites for about £13. PCWorlds price for this beasty (exactly the same part no.) - £50!!!! I got them to price check it and yes the price was correct. £50!!!! I expected to pay a little more at PCWorld, they’ve got bigger overheads. “Stamping down on prices” – I think not.

  Belatucadrus 14:37 15 Dec 04

They still want £14.99 for a PCline 1.8m USB cable, e-buyer £0.75. Some PCWorld stuff is OK, some prices however are just not funny.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:39 15 Dec 04

Meh!.......I remember them flogging a Samsung laser printer for £18 less than the cheapest web site....swings and roundabouts.


  TomJerry 15:59 15 Dec 04

prices for PC packages are very very good, just look nice looking Philips media PCs, they are fantastic with good price, but do not buy any small items from them (also Dixon etc). For example, digital camera memory cards are two or three or even more times more expensive than web prices.

  pipedream 16:12 15 Dec 04

I use them for emergencies only, although the 'OEM' plain brown box stuff isn't too badly priced sometimes.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:26 15 Dec 04

It is the customer's responsibility to do some research prior to purchase.


  pj123 17:00 15 Dec 04

Agree with GANDALF <|:-)>

"Stamping down on prices" is just a ploy. You still need to check around.

eg. PC World price for a Motherboard battery is £3.99. My local electrical shop price (for the same battery) £2.49. No contest.

  JYPX 17:03 15 Dec 04

Bought a Freecom 80GB External HDD from PC World last week for £59.99 - more than happy with the price.

  mole44 17:22 15 Dec 04

a tip pc world do a price promice of 110% of the difference on good in stock locally within 10 miles do as i do and use there promise.i just got £5.50 back on some ink cartridges,so it was cheaper to buy a pc world.see saving you all loads of dosh to spend elswhere.

  g0nvs 17:45 15 Dec 04

Refuse to pay their RIP-OFF prices.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 17:45 15 Dec 04

You can't complain about the prices - if you go to PCW it's generally because you need something quickly and you aren't prepared to wait. You pay a premium for that.
However, I just bought a set of 5.1 speakers for £113 from Pixmania, delivered in 24 hrs and £86 cheaper than PCW.

For £86 I can be very patient ;0)

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