PCWorld and AVG

  SteveOcean 20:41 PM 12 Dec 12

Bought a new laptop from PC World yesterday. The touchpad stopped working today. I did a system reinstall - touchpad still not working.

So I took it to PC world and asked for a refund.

They said that they would not offer a refund because I had installed AVG Free antivirus instead of the Norton Product that they recommend. The manager insisted that the most likely cause of the problem was a virus which had been let through by AVG Free!

This led to 5 minutes of arguing on a busy shop floor, with me stating over and over again that the laptop was not fit for purpose, and the manager stating over and over that the touchpad did not work because I had 'not followed the manufacturers instructions to install Norton Anti Virus'.

Eventually, he offered to refund the money if I agreed to let him virus check the laptop, and if i would agree to pay for the cost of the virus check if he found a virus! I refused, more arguing...

In the end I got my money back.

What was that all about?

  SteveOcean 20:43 PM 12 Dec 12

Edit: Should have said 'Duty Manager' not Manager.

  RobCharles1981 21:59 PM 12 Dec 12

I've never heard of that before no way in my sense a virus wouldn't cause the touch pad to stop working because you installed AVG instead of Norton claming a virus was the issue its a malfunction issue with the Laptop in my oppinion you where right argue your case - good on you.

  Forum Editor 22:34 PM 12 Dec 12

"What was that all about?"

It was about a shop manager who didn't have a clue what he was talking about.

  spuds 10:39 AM 13 Dec 12

We have two PC World stores in my location, and the staff turnover can be alarming, including management level. I have found that some manager's can be rather anti-customer when others can be very helpful, yet they are all suppose to have been selected and trained for the job they have undertaken.

I recall when the TechGuys were disbanded in favour of the now KnowAll, things were supposed to have improved to a much higher standard, especially in customer care. But alas like all good intentions, sometimes this just doesn't seem to work to plan!.


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