PCAdvisor Website Crashing

  season8 13:21 05 Jan 07

Unable to log into the website for 30 minutes up until recently, is their a problem with the PCA Servers?

  Forum Editor 21:35 05 Jan 07

as far as I'm aware.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:46 05 Jan 07

Working OK here.


  PaulB2005 21:58 05 Jan 07

Around this time there was a period where i was unable to log on. Just a white screen with one word written at the top. Can't remember what it was though...

  terryf 22:01 05 Jan 07

It was severely broken at 1303, I was getting Server Error
Either the Macromedia application server is unreachable or it does not have a mapping to process this request.

I emailed the webmaster and it seems to have been fixed for the time being

  terryf 22:02 05 Jan 07

I also phoned the PCA office and they weren't aware that it was down

  Forum Editor 00:05 06 Jan 07

It sounds as if there was a server reboot during the afternoon. I wasn't aware it had happened - all seems well now though.

  Les 08:58 06 Jan 07

Re possible breakdown as mentioned in the other messages - have you tried viewing the site with the browser Firefox 2? For some reason it is not put to screen as it should - could this be a fault in my copy of firefox - though I doubt it as other web pages appear OK. Another browser (MyIe) shows the Advisor pages correctly.

ive had problems for weeks, seem to come and go.
yesterday lunch i kept getting 'macromedia doesnt exist' message, from my pc laptop and my office pc, and i have no idea what that means!
seems ok now though

  spuds 12:53 06 Jan 07

Been 'stuttering' for a few days now, other users have posted problems. Seems okay today.

  terryf 16:21 06 Jan 07

Les, it doesn't seem to matter which browser you use, I guess the quality of the website is exactly equal to how much we pay for it. IMO we just have to accept stutters and missing site and just use it for the help and pleasure it gives.

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