PC World - Rights?

  Guinevere 21:23 19 Apr 06

I bought a pc from PC World 8 months ago and have had nothing but problems with it. The problems have occurred since it was 2 months old. I have spent countless hours on the phone with pc world and pc service call (the cpmpany they use for their engineers), had 2 engineers out; one to replace a harddrive and one to replace the motherboard and yet still im having problems with it.
I have spoken to them so many times and yet they still refuse to replace the machine.

Anyone any ideas as to where I stand or what my rights are?

  VoG II 21:43 19 Apr 06

This isn't an answer to your question but what are your problems? We may be able to fix them. My limited experience with 'support engineers' suggests that they work to a script and really do not have a clue.

  datcat 22:18 19 Apr 06

The best bet is to give your local citizens advice office a call.They can tell you what your rights are and what to do.

  spuds 22:47 19 Apr 06

You might find Consumer Direct can give the advice that you require click here or perhaps your local trading standards.

What are the problems that you are having, and now think require a replacement computer!.

  hzhzhz 22:54 19 Apr 06

As VoG™ says, put the problems to the forum. You can still keep up your fight but in the event of you not getting anyware, you might just find that the forum has come up with some fixes for your pc.

  Guinevere 23:21 19 Apr 06

My first problem the pc went down without notice and I was getting an MBR error, rectified with a system restore only to have the same error again 2 months later. Again I restored and a month later, same error. Engineer 1 came out (start of jan), after 5 months of phone calls having them tell me it was something I had done ie virus etc. The engineer said it was a pc fault, replaced one of the HD and that seemed to fix it. Step up problem 2. The pc froze randomly wouldnt restart. Switched off, switched on only to find it wouldnt boot past the pentium screen on startup. Couldnt get into safe mode or anything. Engineer 2 came out (end of feb), didnt know what was wrong, replaced the motherboard. It worked fine for a couple of weeks. I went away to NYC for a holiday, came back and encountered the same problem, freezing with no boot past the pentium screen. The pc will occasionally boot past the screen and freeze at the windows startup screen. I find if I leave it alone for a while sometimes it will start but the problem still repeats

Any ideas folks?

  Forum Editor 23:23 19 Apr 06

if you could post a chronological account of your problems. We don't need a wealth of detail, just the basic facts about what went wrong, when it happened, what you did about it, and what PC World did (or didn't do) about it.

Then we'll be able to help you sort things out, or at least provide you with some informed opinion.

On the face of it, you have some reason to be thoroughly dissatisfied with the computer, and with PC World's way of dealing with the problem, but I'm saying that without possession of the full facts, so don't quote me - yet.

  Forum Editor 23:24 19 Apr 06

whilst I was typing.

Stand by for responses - tomorrow, if not tonight.

  aveylee 09:17 20 Apr 06

I’ll leave the technical advice to others, as I’m usually limited to swearing at the machine and hitting it with a hammer.
Legally because you notified PCWorld of the problems within 6 months (the clock stops at first date of complaint) the goods will be presumed to be faulty at time of purchase.
As you have accepted a repair previously you lose your automatic right to require a replacement PC.
However s.48 of the Sale of Goods Act (1979) as amended by the SSGC Regs, states that if PCWorld cannot effectively repair the PC you can then insist on a replacement or a refund (Full refund as you have had little practical usage of the PC in the proceeding 8 months).
To enforce your rights send a recorded delivery letter stating that you require a ‘full and final repair’ under s.48 SGA, within 4 weeks as ‘Time is now of the essence’, if PCWorld cannot effect this repair you will require a replacement or full refund again within 4 weeks. Finally state the matter has been raised with Trading Standards and will be actioned with TS unless they fulfill their statutory obligations.
Then call Consumer Direct, the call should take at most 7 minutes (that’s what Consumer Direct managers require calls to be dealt in); By doing so the problem is automatically logged with the Trading Standards departments where you live and where the company is based.
Then if you still don’t get a result go back to C Direct and request a direct referral to a specialist Trading Standards Advisor.
Good luck.

  Guinevere 17:34 21 Apr 06

I told them that I wanted a replacement due to the sales of goods act, stating that I had been patient and allowed them time to carry out repairs etc etc and I was told if I wanted to go down that line I had to get an engineer out (at my own cost) to verify there is a problem with the machine, get him/her to speak to pc service call and give their evaluation and only then would I be eligable.

  bluto1 20:06 21 Apr 06


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