PC world increasing prices...

  2drewej 18:13 30 Jan 07

bought this pc just before Christmas for £305 , a few months later i have just checked the site again and to my surprise they have upped the price to £369.99 - thats £70 more than what i paid for it!

click here

weird huh?

  mymate 18:40 30 Jan 07

2drewej,I bet they have put the price up so they can put the price down again in a sale .Probably be that higher price for 28 days .

  Totally-braindead 19:22 30 Jan 07

Its reconditioned and perhaps whoever supplies them have upped their prices and subsequently PCW have had to up theirs.
There are quite a few reasons the price could have gone up not just PC World upping them for the sake of it.
Having said that it does appear you got a bargain so be happy.

  spuds 19:35 30 Jan 07

I bought a printer from them last Thursday, its £20.00 dearer today.

Looks like the Christmas Sales have finally finished ;o)

  Ixora 22:34 30 Jan 07

I bought a 80GB external hard disk from PC World before Christmas for £69.99. In the sales after Christmas they were selling the same hard disk for £79.99 with the message save £20.00 reduced from £99.99. You can come to your own conclusions.

  vinnyT 05:35 31 Jan 07

The thing is 2drewej, now you've an extra £70 in your pocket, what are you going to spend it on;p

  The Brigadier 09:12 31 Jan 07

PCWorld are a business & business's are there to make money.
The sale was on, now it's over and prices get hiked up.

  davidg_richmond 13:07 31 Jan 07

Well done Brigadier, a bit of common sense!

As long as a price is fixed at a certain level for 28 days you can then drop it down and claim it's a sale.

What you have to watch out for is generic, or exclusive products that claim to be half-price - these are invariably left on a shelf at a ridiculous price then dropped after 28 days, increasing the bargain-perception that customers get.

My advice is, look at the price, features, compare it to others you can get elsewhere, and only THEN decide if it's a bargain or not.

  mole44 13:26 31 Jan 07

i bought from PC world a Kensingtom wi-fi detector key fob for £14.0, i noticed the other day it was £49.95.they must think were all daft,go elswhere like i do .i lve near watford electronics and pc world so i make pc world price match and they give you a bonus of 10% on top.

  garrema 23:23 31 Jan 07

Prices across the board are going up. Look around - we have forgotten what inflation is!

  2drewej 21:23 01 Feb 07

some of the prices on pc world dont make sense , for example the one i have with a pd820 is £370 click here

and one with a core2 e6300 processor and around the same spec is only £350 ? and i though the core2 was supposed to be more expensive. click here

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