PC World dishonesty re HP ink cartridges

  Mr Paul 20:42 13 Jan 04

I have a friend who is visually impaired. He recently bought the same HP all-in-one that I have from PC World -I tried telling him that he can buy cheaper elsewhere. The assistant tried to pressure him into buying extra ink cartridges by telling him that HP provide cartridges with their new products that are half empty. I know that this was a rumour in the States some time ago, but HP have confirmed to me that this is a complete lie. Has anyon else epxeriences such blatant pressure-selling?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:07 13 Jan 04

Many new printers come with cartridges that are less full than post-purchased ones. Suggesting that someone buys extra cartridges is not 'pressurising' them, they still have a choice. PCW were not lying.


  MisterPaul 21:16 13 Jan 04

PC World were lying. Please read my posting properly. I have spoken to HP directly tonight and they have confirmed that the cartridges they supply with new printers are exactly the same as those bought off the shelf. This can be checked by checking the printer levels through the device manager. Giving misinformation to anyone, let alone somebody with no sight who is not able to see for himself, is dishonest and not what you would expect from a major hig street retailer.

  terminus 21:22 13 Jan 04

Whut was the question..? ? still thinkin'''''''t

  MisterPaul 21:32 13 Jan 04

I'm sorry, but I don't understand your last post.

The actions of the assistant at PC World by giving misinformation that could not be substantiated put pressure on the person in question to buy extra goods. If the assistant had been honest then there would have been no such pressure.


  comsuppwor 21:37 13 Jan 04

I wanted to know if epsom printers where cheaper to run,and was told they apear so at first glance ,but that the cheaper carts are actualy smaller?.(Over to the experts).
I bought a HP as the salesman rated them.If we don,t check up before-hand I,m afraid we are in the hands of the vendor,caviat something or other.

  tafoody 21:38 13 Jan 04

i was under the impression that new printers were sold with 'lite' cartridges, but as you say, you can check within the printer properties.

so can you confirm that the cartridges are full?

either way, your friend is going to need the replacements sooner or later, so its not like he's wasted his money.

  MisterPaul 21:43 13 Jan 04

THe cartridges in my printer (the same as his) were full, and the same size as replacements. I think my friend's gripe was the pressure from PC World, when you can buy much cheaper replacements elsewhere.

I used to work in a shoe shop. I can remember the pressure on us to sell extras with every pair of shoes. We had to do a certain perdentage. Presumably PC World staff are under the same pressure.

  wee eddie 21:46 13 Jan 04

When you go into a shoe shop, do you object the the staff trying to sell you a tube of cleaner and a polishing brush.

After all the shoes are clean.

One assumes that your friend will use the printer now and again. The purchase of extra ink is a sensible move.

You appear to feel that just because our "friend" is visually impaired, he is also unable to make his own decisions. It is you who are doing the discriminating.

The PCW salesman, noting that regular trips to purchase ink would present difficulties to an impaired person, suggested extra supplies.

Regardless of what HP say now, it was common practise to provide partly full ink tanks with new printers. My new Canon i850 came with full tanks as did the previous one, but I bought 4 full sets at the time of purchase

  terminus 21:46 13 Jan 04

With respect I'm still tying to work out the question.

You advise you're friend to go there!and then say he was misled??

  MisterPaul 21:48 13 Jan 04

I was not objecting to the assistant advising on extra ink cartridges, but to the misinformation.

When we sold shoes, we weren't allowed to say that the laces were made out of paper and so proper laces would be needed, because this is not true.

The assistant should know that it is not now the case that HP provide less ink with their printers.

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