PC World comes up trumps!!!

  AroundAgain 07 Jul 12


I know PC World is so often being bashed re the seemingly poor after sales service, although I don't have experience of this as I've never felt the urge to buy a PC from them, only some accessories.

However, I do feel they deserve a cheer when they helped me out last week. I went into PC World to ask if there was a connector/adaptor for a camcorder to relay through to a TV. Having gone directly to the KnowHow desk, one of the guys there was very helpful and tried to locate them in the shop for me. After a short while, he decided to call over one of the assistants and so my heart dropped as they nearly always seem to know nothing of what they sell.

This time things were different, though. A guy called Jim came over, said he would look in the back and, after a short while, came out with the exact connector I needed, not packaged and, when I asked 'how much?' he said 'no charge'!

Well, I have to say that sorted out a potential difficult and costly issue whereby video relay was to be important at an 'event'.

So, I felt this deserved some credit as PC World so often do take a lot of flack.


  frybluff 08 Jul 12

I tend to use local PC World for accessories, and there are a couple of guys, at our local branch, who are pretty good. Shame the rest of them "let the side down".

They used to have like, one guy who was good with TV'S, another with cameras etc, but now it seems like they just get basic training in everything. Whats the expression about "Jack of all trades ..."

  spuds 08 Jul 12

At once upon a time, items from the back ended up in the PCW Bargain Corner. It use to be a weekly venture for me, looking for those long forgotten goodies, at some silly prices.

Pity PCW removed the Bargain Corner, but they have also removed many other things from their stores - that's 21st Century for you?.


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