PC Steering Wheel advice?

  roygbiv 16:50 25 Mar 04

Has anyone bought the PC Steering Wheel from bid-up.tv ? . I know its thrustmaster force feedback, but i want more information (and if its any good) by the way its going for around £35 a saving of around £100 ??.

  Starfox 23:46 25 Mar 04

Don't know about Bid up tv but I can tell you that Thrustmaster products are good quality and reliable.I have a Thrustmaster steering wheel for my Gamecube and it's very good.I also have several thrustmaster joysticks and gamepads for the pc and they're just fine.

Hope this helps,


  Gannondorf 23:53 25 Mar 04

Thrustmaster,great products click here

  whatsupdoc 08:15 26 Mar 04


  roygbiv 12:43 30 Mar 04

Thanks for the replies. The wheel has arrived, GUILLEMOT Race leader Force Feedback (retour de force). No manual, just a breif description on how to connect it to PC, under win 95 / 98, not sure if it works on XP (um um um )

not alot of time to try , as moving house for a Disability grant to be started.

  roygbiv 16:00 27 Apr 04

So far, I am unable to find a driver for XP, does anyone know different ?? will a 2000 driver work ??.

  deadneat 21:47 27 Apr 04

click here You should be able to get usb drivers to work with XP. My lad has a Thrustmaster FFB wheel.

  hugh-265156 02:49 28 Apr 04

thrustmaster is a well known brand so should be fine with xp.

xp includes drivers for a lot of devices as standard.example:

i even have a playstation 2 console "logitech usb gran turismo force feedback wheel" that works perfectly with all pc games on the pc with xp like colin macrae series and and need for speed series etc.

if its designed for a computer and is usb then it should work with xp ok.

you may need to just download a driver if xp doesnt have it.

  roygbiv 16:45 28 Apr 04

it is packed away at the mo (due to having moved house) I dont think it has a USB maybe serial ?????? i'd better check !!!!!!!

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