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  Chully 10 Jun 08

Has anyone had problems with the company? I purchased a computer which arrived after quite a lot of hassle about the length of time it was taking for it to be delivered. Finally came after I threatened cancellation of the order. I had it five weeks when it broke down. Sent it back 7 days ago (their site suggests 3-5 days to collect, repair and return) and inquired today as to an update of the repairs. I was told that they could not give me any progress report but that the technician was asked to get it back to me asap. Are they for real?

On this subject, has PC Adviser conducted any surveys with its readers about the quality of service they have received from PC suppliers?

  GaT7 10 Jun 08

Related forum search click here. Or, put pc specialist in the search box. G

  Chully 10 Jun 08

Thank you for that, I am sorry I did not read some of those responses before ordering.

There is no answer to my query about surveys concerning the service given by PC suppliers and, given how important this is, believe PC Adviser would be doing its readers a service by holding one.

  boygeorge 26 Jun 08

Received computer from PC Specialist yesterday. No floppy drive installed, although specified. No parallel port installed, although supposed to be standard. No socket for monitor installed, so I was unable to to use the machine and check what else was missing. Hole in back of the case where a blank had been removed, but nothing installed.
Order form says that the machine was tested and QC'd (quality controlled?) Don't think so!!
Emailed the company to collect and give me a refund. No response so far.

  Forum Editor 27 Jun 08

"No socket for monitor installed"

That's odd - it isn't necessary to install a socket, it is usually part of the motherboard.

  boygeorge 27 Jun 08

Not an expert, just a user. However, there is nowhere to connect my monitor (vga connexion)to the machine. My last computer had such a connexion.
Looked at the manual that came with the computer, the image of the motherboard shows:
parallel port
usb ports
mic in
speaker out
e-sata port
spdif out
but no vga.

My monitor is approx 30 months old, flat panel.Presumably the connexion for this monitor has not been discontinued?
As I said in my original posting, there is no parallel port, although the image of the motherboard says that there should be one.
Seems a cock up all round.

  pc613 27 Jun 08


did your system come with a graphics card, if so( and you can not see a vga connector) you will need a dongle for conecting the monitor cable vga to dvi connector but as FE said the vga socket is normally on the Motherboard.
Must system builders include all the bits and bobs from MB, graphics etc and send them with the pc, as over the years I have collected over half a dozen of the things. The hole in the back of your pc could be just a missing case retaing panel which should have been picked up on QC. Hope you get your refund soon


  boygeorge 27 Jun 08

Thanks for the info John it's appreciated. I think that you have hit the nail on the head. Waiting to hear from the company.

  pc613 27 Jun 08

No probs, if I have not had a call by 1800hrs from my builders so called support crew then read my next post it might put you off another firm(not allowed to say do not buy from these people, Forum rules)


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