Pc Performance yes or no

  iqs 20:17 22 Jan 08

Hello,Bought an acer Pc yesterday,modal L3600.It cost £300.It was bought just for using in the front room for e-mails surfing etc.Because it only cost £300 I turned down the extended guarantee.£5 a month.

The sales man was not happy,he tried in vain to persuade me to take out the cover,but I refused.

I have covered my 19" LG LCD which costs £2 a month,and my laptop at £8 a month.Laptop for accidental damage mainly,and the LCD for any issues if they occur.

I recently started a college couse in Pc diagnostic,faulting and repair,leading upto the A+.If it goes wrong ,I'm hoping I can repair it myself.

So finally to the question folks,was I right to turn down the cover?.


  Clapton is God 20:25 22 Jan 08

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

If we all said "No, you should have bought the extended guarantee", what could you do?

Accidental damage guarantees are worth their weight in gold, especially where students are involved. PCs and students are generally not a good mix.

However, extended warranties for hardware failure are less worthwhile.

  iqs 20:39 22 Jan 08

Clapton is God,thanks for your comments.

'Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn't it?'..yes it is..

I'm hoping not to have any issues with my laptop or Pc,I am a mature student ;-)

It was not until I received an SOS from a friend who's 14 month old Pc had just died.It made me doubt my decision for a while.But its done know.

Thanks again

  ajm 23:39 22 Jan 08

The PC Performance can be taken anytime before the end of the 1st years basic manufacturers guarantee

  lisa02 15:20 23 Jan 08

It works out to expensive and they take payments in the first year when it's covered by the MFR.

Most monitors come with a 3yr swap out warranty so I wouldn't pay it for that - unless you can foresee accidental damage.

A family member bought a system from PCWorld and opted for their extended guarantee costing £8 for machine and £2 for monitor, £10 in total per month. Just by the end of the first year they'll have paid £120 for nothing.

If they keep the policy for 4 years they'll approach the original cost of the actual machine. How much do you reckon a £500 computer would be worth after 4 years?

  Totally-braindead 19:35 23 Jan 08

If it was accidental damage cover then it might be worth it. But the PC was only £300. Its debatable in my opinion, if you did damage something would it cost more than the £5 a month?

If its just extended warranty and not accidental cover included then in my opinion its not worth it.

  laurie53 20:09 23 Jan 08

£5 a month, £60 a year. Find out how much it would cost to add accidental damage to your household policy. That way you cover everything, not just a PC

  iqs 10:49 24 Jan 08

all for your help.I think I made the right decision,time will tell.Cheers

  lofty29 10:59 24 Jan 08

extended warrantee insurance is a major source of both income for sellers and commission for salesmen, that is why the salesman tried so hard. As previuosly posted accidental damage cover on contents insurance is a far better bet

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