PC Option: Summary of my experience

  TristanB 16:55 12 Feb 08

I now have my new PC from these guys, and it seems really good. I got a fast and capable machine for a good price.

It must be frustating only to see bad posts about your company, and not hear from the satisfied ones. So I'm happy to report I'm currently a satisfied PC Option customer.

The Pros:

Good range of options - lots of choice of different RAM set ups, mobos, even cases.

Competitive price - I looked at a lot of options, and these guys were the cheapest I could find by a fair margin.

Good pre-sales support - The online messaging system worked okay (I had to reconnect a couple of times) and I got great advice about the merits of different chips, mobos and so on.

The Cons:

Terrible communication - I was told several times when I could expect my PC to arrive, only to later be told not to expect it for another few days. All these times were after I contacted them.

The Whatevers:

Delayed order - This happens to every company, I'm not about to criticise them based on this. If you see threads in March and April all saying they've had delays, it might be a problem, but one busy January shouldn't be held against them.

So yeah, one Email to say "We're really busy, and a couple of guys down, your order will likely take us a couple of weeks to get to. We're really sorry, and we'll let you know when to expect delivery" and they would have been

I'm still very happy with the machine.


  spuds 17:17 12 Feb 08

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  Forum Editor 18:58 12 Feb 08

on the same subject - you've already posted in the thread linked to by spuds.

  190119 19:02 12 Feb 08

You may be a little premature with the congratulations, but I sincerely hope not.

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