pc makin noises after sending it off 2 times for repair under warranty

  conner234 06 Apr 12

hey i am just wondering ive sent my pc off now twice to medion repair center as its under warranty still first time they broke it them self's and tried to blaim me they broke all the casing and after a small argument they agreed to repair it at there cost and they said that they had "fixed" the pc and when i received it it didn't work what a surprise o and it took them 6 weeks to do a so called 2 week repair haha so i sent it back then recived it after 3 weeks back now it works well did then it started making funny noises like loud grinding noises what come and go from the battery area and im just not happy with there service there ment to be professionals surly im eligable to claim a new pc from them i mean if i send it off again its just going to be endless battles with them to get it fixed properly was wondering if any of u guys had any ideas what to do all help welcome thanks.


  lotvic 07 Apr 12

Sounds like the harddrive mechanics, if you go to the harddrive manufacturers website (not Medion) they will have a tool to test it. Here is example for Seagate harddrives this page tells you about it and has a tutorial to show you what to do.

  lotvic 07 Apr 12

I should have said that if the manufacturers tool shows that the harddrive is failing then you can go back to Medion and complain.

  conner234 08 Apr 12

Ok but if the sound is Colin from the battery would it be the hdd

  onthelimit1 08 Apr 12

Could be the HDD - could also be the cooling fan.

  Terry Brown 08 Apr 12

Is this a Laptop or Desktop.

If it is a Desktop and you do not mind losing what guarrantee you have left, disconnect from the mains and remove cover. Start machine up and try to listen to where the noise is coming from. It may be something as simple as a cable rubbing on a fan, or a loose cover rattling.

Do not attempt to put your hand inside while it is running as you may damage the computer(and yourself).

If it is a Laptop, they normally require special tools and it is not advisable to attempt to repair it yourself.



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