PC base units - advice needed

  Doodles 13:56 03 Jan 04

I intend to upgrade my PC by Monday. I have had a look round and it is a mine field out there. I have looked at Time PC's and they seem to be edging as my favorites. I dont want to spend more than 800 quid. Can anyone give me some advice/recommendations on what to look at.
I want to be able to
copy dvd/cd do some video editing etc. Many thanks


  wags 14:21 03 Jan 04

I can do no better than refer you to this:
click here

  Stuartli 17:41 03 Jan 04

Or have a look at click here.

Scan sells both the Asus (cheaper) and MSI base units (more expensive) and, in addition, often reduces the prices on its TodayOnly page.

But I would put a little thought into exactly what you require rather than set an arbitary deadline of Monday...:-)

  Doodles 21:22 03 Jan 04

thanks for replies so far.

i have been looking at the time platina 3000xp+,this seems just what im looking for, however, i have read a few bad reports about time.

has anyone purchased this pc base unit.

  Stuartli 10:15 04 Jan 04

Dell is offering big discounts on various desktop models, but only one day to go:

click here

  g0nvs 12:42 04 Jan 04

£49.99 delivery, £99.99 restore disc, support phone charges @ £1 min, Shop around.

  Sheila-214876 16:34 04 Jan 04

Try this one click here

  Stuartli 17:56 04 Jan 04

Ordering online is a different matter with Dell - never dealt with them but do know that Dell, Dan (when it was in existance), Evesham, Mesh etc offer top quality systems at a reasonable price.

My son, an IT support specialist, wouldn't buy anything but Dan systems whilst he was at university because of the sheer quality.

Sadly the Great British Public's desire to have everything at the lowest possible price regardless of the long term consequences has killed off many of the leading suppliers.

  Joe McG 18:56 04 Jan 04

This will allow you to configure your own system based on the basic model. click here

  G0rdon 18:49 07 Jan 04

please avoid time... i got a base unit, and it's ok, it was 649 + 50 delivery - BUT sometimes the graphics card just doesn't 'work' when u switch the pc on...i mean it's a strange problem - but im technically minded so it's all good for me... but just avoid time - if u JUST want a base unit, look elsewhere, there's better deals on other websites

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